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  Sr. Hatune Dogan
  Husener Str 46, 33098
  Padarborn, Germany
  Mob. +491 79666 4396
  Ph. +49 5251403911



We are planning to associate with different social Organizations in the world.


If any of the Associations interested to associate with our activities, please mail your message.

  Mail : aleyas@sify.com









Photos of Felicitation meeting given by H E R.S.Gavai,Governer of Kerala to FEDERAL CROSS OF MERIT AWARD winner Sr.Hatune Dogan on 25/09/2010 at Trivandrum. More Photos...>>>


Orphanage Project for the Abandoned People


Orphanage Project for the Abandoned People:  Sister Hatune Foundation is setting up an orphanage for the abandoned people collected from the streets. Most of them are without sense and are staying in the garbage heaps. They are also human beings and the creation of God. We could not close our eyes on them. They are senseless and do not know even to eat or anything. We are picking them from garbage and allowing them to live as human beings at least at their later days of life. Please join your hands with us to set up hygienic and convenient home for them.

For further details please contact :

Sr.Hatune Dogan

E-mail: hatune@web.de

Helping the needy is also a Prayer

Sending your contributions to the following addresses
Sr.Hatune Foundation
Account No. 11121142
Sparkasse Paderborn, BLZ 47250101 Oder
Homebanking: DE 27472501010011121142


  Haji Mohamed Gani Institute, Thanjavur


  Lenin Nagar Institute, Trivandrum


     Ashakiran Training Institute, Mallassery  

Hatune Foundation is a charitable organization registered in Germany with Head office Husener Str 46, 33098, Paderborn, Germany. It is also registered in all other European countries as well as in India. This organization played an active role for relief works in disasters and crisis all over the world like Tsunami of South Asia, Kerala Epidemic Disaster 2007, Iraq War refugees etc. Besides foundation is actively involved for the Women Empowerment project as well as energizing the education of poor in India: Support on relief works for the Iraq Refugees in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria are also commenced since 2007.

Our Mission
As a faith-based organization, we turn to Almighty God and strive to follow the example of doing God’s will. The Foundation is made up of hard working and kind –hearted people from all corners of the globe working in four continents. We build communities of people in far reaches of the world have opportunities for love and kindness, as well as the chance to gather in support of one another.

We share the message of our founder St.Hatune Dogan, who dared to dream of a better world for the poor by putting their needs before the needs of those in higher social classes. In each new mission, we have established chapters to train and educate future missionaries of Love. We build community centers, teach health education, and promote non-violence, acceptance, and understanding through interfaith initiatives.



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Mail : aleyas@sify.com 


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